Art = Relief

The Art = Relief Auction is the coming together of creative individuals in an expression of support for Japan. Over 50 acclaimed artists and designers have generously donated their work to contribute to the reconstruction of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami devastated the country on March 11, 2011. 100% of the proceeds from the Auction will be donated to relief organizations tirelessly working on the ground. For more information about the organizations, visit:

Please join us in this important event and chase away the sadness with friends, art, and special brews. The Art=Relief will take place at Studio X, an event space operated by Columbia University’s architecture school in downtown Manhattan:

180 Varick Street, Suite 1610
New York, NY 10014
To register for the event and browse the artwork, visit:
Or, just show up! For more information, please visit:
Roxanne Bartlett
Mat Brinkman
Kara Braciale
Melissa Brown
Brian Chippendale
Ji-Youn Chang
Clement Coleman
Matthew Connors
Michael Dimpfl
Hugo Gellert – gift from Rebecca Garden
Erin Hasley
Jungil Hong
Anya Klepikov
Case Kerns
Thomas Kwak
Basil Lee
Marie Lorenz
Stephen Mahan
Vasia Markides
The Mu
Alison Nguyen
Clare Olsen
Mark Robbins
Eric Smith
Phillip Smith III
Tao Urban
Ryan Ward
Bushwick Brewing Club
Studio X
Food Exchange
Syracuse University

Call for donations for the event; please email at


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